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About the Book: How To Childproof Your Home

When a parent is about to experience the transition of their infant into a toddler, this means that it's time to do some serious childproofing. Exploring toddlers can turn many things in a home into a potential hazard or even a death-trap, especially if parents don't know what to use or know how to properly install these goods. But even if they do plan to childproof, they probably don't know where to start or are completely bewildered by the number of products available, and probably dreading those three little words, "Some Assembly Required."

There are many resources available to parents about what should be done to make a home safer for a toddler, but until now there has never been a book written by an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer® expert on how to go about childproofing their home. Louie gives the answers they need, including which devices are the ones that are used by professional childproofers, along with his own step-by-step instructions (in plain English) on how to install them without destroying their home in the process.

Louie isn't known as The Home Safety Guru® for nothing. His book provides parents with sensible and fact-filled advice about the most common (and often overlooked) risk factors in homes, the products professional childproofers use, and, most importantly, installation tips to help you bring do it all without a hitch.

Louie has over 10 years experience as an expert childproofer and has helped over 1,500 families make their home safer. Here in this book he shares his wealth of knowledge to help parents make their home and children as safe as they can be - at the same time reducing their stress levels.

The Home Safety Guru's® Guide to Childproofing Your Home covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • Statistics and information on how kids get hurt
  • A checklist to determine which items in your home are dangerous and why
  • How best to keep stairs and certain areas and rooms off limits
  • Common sense suggestions for making the home environment safer, many without childproofing devices
  • Recommendations for specific childproofing products
  • A list of safety and fire preparedness tips
  • How to deal with a wide range of environmental hazards found in many homes
  • Clear How-To Installation tips, in plain English, designed to work with the manufacturer's instructions, because we all know how vague or unclear those instructions can be
  • Dealing with special-needs children
  • Hidden dangers when traveling or visiting friends' or Grandma's homes
  • And many more items

This book is a parent's one-stop essential resource to create a safe environment toddlers and a less stressful life for themselves.

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About the Author: Louie Delaware

Louie Delaware is a favorite of parents, senior citizens and others who are concerned about their home safety. Louie has a knack for being able to describe home safety issues in-easy-to-understand terms, but also in a way to call attention to people to make their home environment safer. Louie is a sought after safety expert for TV news and radio programs along with many newspapers (including USA Today®) where he is know as The Home Safety Guru.

Louie's passion in life is to help people make their home environment safer and to save lives. This comes after 22 years in the field of advanced R&D for medical and analytical devices, where he has been awarded many different patents, and received the prestigious International R&D 100 Award for Advanced Technologies. His products have saved countless lives around the world. In 2004 he founded US Safety Pros, LLC which specializes in childproofing, radon testing and mitigation, home accessibility and many other home safety services.

Louie is a licensed General Contractor who has childproofed well over 1,500 homes as well as helping hundreds of other homes with regards to radon mitigation, overall family safety, as well as seniors and physically challenged individuals make their homes safer as well as easier to negotiate and use.

Louie is certified in the following areas:

Louie is a father of two children who have given him first-hand experience and knowledge as to what works and what doesn't in childproofing.

Louie lives outside of picturesque Boulder, Colorado with his wife, two kids and their lightning-fast whippet racing dogs.